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Everyday Wisdom

Plenteous Financial Forum is where individuals come together to help our communities, friends, family and selves in pursuit of a plenteous life. Here members share their wisdom – favorite high-impact truths, practices and habits and welcome you to connect with them via LinkedIn.

If you have a financial and/or life planning tip you would like to share, schedule 30 minutes with Paula McMillan at https://calendly.com/paulamcmillanwa   to discuss and/or record what you feel moved to share for the benefit of others. It should be easy to understand, relevant to a large audience, communicated within three minutes (or less) video clip and have the potential to yield significant results!

Pointer Categories

Plenteous Financial Wellness Wheel

Plenteous Financial Wellness Wheel

In the pursuit of a plenteous life, consider cash flow planning, education and career planningrisk and insurance planningtax planninginvestment planningretirement planningeldercare planning and estate and gift planning.





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To be notified of upcoming events, send us an email with your contact information and “Email Alerts” in the subject line: plenteousfinancialforum@gmail.com

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