Our First Stop on the Site Overview is Financial Wellness

Financial wellness, or freedom from financial stress, is a core part of achieving a plenteous life and where the site overview begins.

In addition to planning for today, you must consider your retirement readiness.  Beyond the emotional lifestyle transition, how will you deal with risks and complexities when the paychecks stop and your nest egg starts funding living expenses?

Then, there are unique challenges with women and money every woman should consider. Of course, they can be devastating in the absence of careful planning.

To relieve the stress, develop and commit to a plan – a financial wellness life plan. Of course, there is no one way to plan and no one type of plan. Just, be sure to put your plan into a written document to increase your likelihood of acting on it. Here, we break planning down into digestible bites. Then, you can consider each through the lens of your individual situation. After all, this is the best way to stay in control and headed toward achieving your goals faster.

The Next Site Overview Stop – Engaging Table Talks

After gaining a better understanding of each of the financial wellness planning areas, join us for a deeper dive. Here, Table Talks Third Thursdays at Three will feature a different planning area each month. Tune in to a panel of three to seven experts weighing in on their favorite low effort, high yield tips and related actionable recommendations.

Join us – and consider inviting employees, colleagues, friends and family. Surely, they will thank you for it.

Are You a Professional Subject Matter Expert Who Wants to Share? Participate in a Panel.  As a panelist, we want to hear your thoughts, most compelling stories, favorite pointers, actions that get results and more. Share your insights and experiences as a panel member. Where do you see people struggling the most? How are they finding relief? Where are they getting the greatest gains?

Then, Presentations for Your Private Groups

Financial wellness is a foundational part of achieving a plenteous life, with complexities for pre-retirees and women requiring a special focus. So, you may be interested in scheduling one of the presentations below privately for your group.

Whether you are thinking about your employees, clients, professional group, civic organization or more, these relevant topics are educational, provocative and engaging. Reach out to plenteousfinancialforum@gmail.com to schedule a private presentation for your group today.

Then, Don’t Miss the Pointers

Many accomplished people attend seminars to gain one or two pointers. You know, the nuggets that make it all worth the investment in time and money.  After all, the right one can be a “game-changer” for your individual situation.

As pointers continue to be submitted and posted from experts sharing their wisdom, this section will remain “under construction” while we gather nuggets .

Are You a Professional Subject Matter Expert Who Wants to Share? Offer a Pointer.  Consider sharing your favorite pointer to ponder. We’re looking for a favorite tip and recommendation(s) on putting it into action to achieve results! We’ll make it easy for you. Discuss the key points with us. We’ll write it up. Then, we’ll send it to you for review, edit and approval. Once approved, we’ll post it, cite you with a link to your website.

The Final Site Overview Stop – Events

Yes, this is where all of the events come together. With so many, there are multiple ways to engage. Join us for an upcoming one.

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Thanks for reviewing the Site Overview!  Let’s get started…