Table Talks

Third Thursdays at Three

Listen in on engaging, informative conversations, or table talks, between experts every third Thursday at 3pm hosted by Paula McMillan, CFP®, CPA/PFS, CGMA. Each talk will take on a financial wellness topic.

We’ll explore the topic, share insightful tips and recommend specific actionable steps to improve your financial future. Learn – to improve your situation. Get on the path to your plenteous life!

Ready to Learn?

Plenteous Financial Forum wants to help you plan your plenteous life – so you have a greater chance of achieving it! Sounds like a grand goal, right?

Well, how DO you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, of course. And, how do you build a financial life plan?  You guessed it – one step at a time!

Join us, as we walk through the process. During this time, we’ll help you understand the key parts of each step of the financial planning process.  We’re following the 80/20 rule here. While you won’t be able to build a big, fancy plan with all of the bells and whistles, you will have considered important things you had not previously.

The Big Rocks – 80/20 Rule

We’re focusing on the boulders and larger rocks that make the biggest impacts for most people – and leaving the pebbles behind. While we DON’T want to sweat the small stuff, we DO want to take ACTION – results-oriented action! Therefore, these will be interactive conversations between professionals sharing not only ideas and tips, but also recommendations you should consider acting on today.

Join us – and invite anyone and everyone you care about – employees, colleagues, friends and family! They will thank you for it!

Plenteous Financial Wellness Wheel

Plenteous Financial Wellness Wheel

Get involved with Plenteous Financial Forum.

Consider scheduling some of these presentations for your employees, clients, professional or civic organization, etc. What better way to demonstrate to others that you care than helping them on their path to achieving their life goals and realizing a plenteous life? Let’s get the word out – and move the needle on financial wellness! Schedule a presentation today!
Pick Up Pointers
Consistent with the 80/20 Rule, it is safe to assume that 20% of the financial habits or processes you put in place will produce 80% of the improvements in your financial situation. So, let’s look at some of those nuggets we should pick up along the way on our path to achieving and maintaining financial independence! Pick up some pointers now!
Attend Events
Register for other upcoming events now! Whether it is a philanthropic event, evening social or a networking lunch, we have fun. Meet new people, share ideas and learn! Join us for an upcoming event!