Shaping Your Legacy with Purpose

Legacy planning goes beyond the financial aspects of estate management; it’s about leaving a meaningful and enduring impact on the people and causes you care about. Join us for an enlightening session on legacy planning gifting strategies, where we’ll explore innovative approaches to wealth transfer and charitable giving. Discover how to shape your legacy with purpose and ensure your values and aspirations live on for generations to come.

Session Highlights:

  1. The Power of Legacy Planning: Understand the significance of legacy planning beyond traditional estate management and how it can shape your lasting impact.
  2. Gifting with Purpose: Explore the importance of aligning your gifting strategies with your personal values and passions to create a meaningful legacy.
  3. Estate Planning Fundamentals: Review essential estate planning components, such as wills, trusts, and beneficiaries, as the foundation for effective legacy planning.
  4. Charitable Giving Strategies: Learn about various charitable giving techniques, including donor-advised funds, charitable trusts, and endowments, to support causes close to your heart.
  5. Family and Succession Planning: Explore how to involve your family in legacy planning and establish a smooth succession plan for wealth and values.
  6. Tax-Efficient Gifting: Understand the tax implications of different gifting strategies and discover how to optimize your gifts while minimizing tax burdens.
  7. Impactful Philanthropy: Dive into the world of impactful philanthropy, focusing on how to select charitable organizations and measure the effectiveness of your contributions.
  8. Creating a Family Mission Statement: Develop a family mission statement to guide your legacy planning decisions and ensure shared values are preserved.
  9. Preserving Family Stories: Learn how to preserve your family’s stories, history, and values for future generations through legacy projects and documentation.
  10. Beneficiary Designations: Review the importance of updating beneficiary designations on retirement accounts, insurance policies, and other assets to align with your legacy goals.
  11. Charitable Foundations: Explore the advantages and considerations of establishing a charitable foundation to support your philanthropic objectives.
  12. Evaluating Impact: Consider how to assess the impact of your legacy planning efforts and make adjustments to ensure your legacy continues to reflect your values and goals.