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Go At Your Own Pace


Go At Your Own Pace Do what is right for you - when you are ready. As a financial advisor to a person going through the shattering experience of losing the most important person in their life,  I consistently sense the surviving spouse's feeling of being overwhelmed with worry over missing steps, deadlines or dates. After all, in most cases, it is their first time being faced with the processes and changes that follow. They are always relieved to find out that, in most cases, they have plenty of time to take care of all of the tasks ahead. Often the [...]

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Choose the Right Credit Card for You


Choose the Right Credit Card for You With disciplined spending, the right credit card can provide significant benefits.  Choose the right one for you to reap the benefits! While there is a lot of bad press about the trouble people can get into with credit cards, they can be helpful in establish credit, defer expenses until due, adding convenience and providing benefits. It is those benefits I would like to discuss today. There is no single credit card that is the best for every individual, family and/or business. However, taking some time to consider a card's benefits, alongside it's associated cost [...]

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