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Achieving and maintaining financial independence is a key part of enjoying a plenteous life. To have peace of mind that you are on the right track to provide for today and tomorrow requires more planning than you can do on the back of an envelope.  It’s important to understand our finances and ways to improve our unique situation. Then, commit to the right daily, weekly and other habits. To prevent procrastination, start with small steps. Look at planning as a continuous wheel. Begin with the spoke where you feel you can achieve the greatest gains.

  • First, understand what that planning area is all about.
  • Then, figure out where you have gaps.
  • Next, capture some low hanging fruit – making changes that have the greatest results with the least effort.
  • Then, celebrate how amazing you are to have taken action – any action – before moving onto another improvement in that spoke or the next.
Taxes The Start of Your Financial Plan
Your Tax Return – A Good Starting Point to Your Financial Planning

Plenteous Financial Wellness Wheel

Plenteous Financial Wellness Wheel

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