Retirement Readiness

Will you have enough for thirty years of inflation, taxes and market volatility with no paycheck? Increasing longevity, rising healthcare costs and economic uncertainties, make everyone pause at this question, regardless of net worth. Employment retirement systems have shifted the responsibility of saving for retirement from the employer to the employee. Entitlement programs, like Social Security and Medicare, are strained to continue to provide the same levels of benefits without significant changes. Most Americans would have to sell something or borrow money to cover a $400 emergency today, making setting aside money for the years when they are no longer working and living longer challenging. Is it time to look at retirement in a different way? What’s your plan?


A recognized thought-leader in retirement readiness and women and money, the AICPA invited Paula McMillan, CFP®, CPA/PFS, CGMA to create two podcast series on retirement readiness and  women and money. Take a moment to better understand key challenges and opportunities in retirement planning by checking out the podcasts below: