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For Easy Tax-Advantaged Charitable Gifting, Consider This


For Easy Tax-Advantaged Charitable Gifting, Consider This Consider retirement accounts when making charitable gifts in life and/or at death. Creative thinking when making charitable gifts allows you to maximize your overall contribution to your favorite charity by making a tax-free contributing a tax-free portion on which your heirs would have owed taxes. Member/Contributor: Jennifer Noble - Connect with Jennifer! Get Involved with Plenteous Financial Forum

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Carefully Choose Real Foods


Carefully Choose Real Foods Making a choice in favor of cheaper processed foods, over real foods, could save you now and cost you later! Understand the true costs of real versus processed foods when deciding what to put in your grocery cart. A real food is a whole, single-ingredient food. It is mostly unprocessed, free of chemical additives, and rich in nutrients. It’s the type of food we, humans, ate exclusively for thousands of years. Real foods include fresh lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. While real foods are highly perishable items that can be costly to deliver to your plate, [...]

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The Power of Breath


The Power of Breath We need "the breath" to survive. But, "the breath" does far more than keep us alive.  Understand and use it to its fullest extent to reap the benefits! We can use "the breath" to: Bring mental clarity Energize ourselves Detoxify us physically and emotionally Boost the immune system Change our blood chemistry Reduce inflammation in the body Help overcome addictions Control and direct the mind Control and direct the emotions Bring calm and relaxation Target viruses and bacteria Member/Contributor: Kara Nicole Bitar - Connect with Kara! Get Involved with Plenteous Financial Forum [...]

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Why Smile?


Why Smile? What's in a smile? It turns out a lot more than people realize! This small gesture of encouragement can produce big benefits for both of you. So, don't be shy. Smile! Smiling: a drug-free high. Smiling improves your mood. Smiling lowers blood pressure. Smiling boosts your immune system. Smiling is contagious. Smiling provides an instant face-lift. Member/Contributor: Barbara Zavela - Connect with Barbara! Get Involved with Plenteous Financial Forum

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