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You can get a real boost toward putting together a financial independence roadmap when going from tax return to financial plan. The tax return is a great place to start gathering the financial information needed. You will have the return, investment statements, debt statements and more handy. This will help save time, reduce frustration and avoid procrastination.

With most people spending more time planning their vacations each year than they do on financial planning, jumping in just after completing your tax return could be ideal. So, if you are ready to embark on a plan that gives you peace of mind, don’t file and forget the documents. Learn how to use them!

After This Session, You Will Know How To:

-Use information on your tax return to jump start your financial plan

-Understand which supporting documents are helpful and how

-Accomplish your goals and design the lifestyle you want through better managing your finances

-Identify potential gaps and opportunities within your planning

-Consider how important estate, retirement, investment, insurance and tax planning strategies relate to your individual situation

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