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When nearing retirement, investing and IRA planning for boomers is key. At that transitional time, the investment strategy should be revisited to be sure you the important aspects of investing and IRA planning are understood. It’s time to look at the various types of assets owned, whether they are invested appropriately for retirement and how and when to turn them into income streams to live on in retirement. While there were some rules to know when contributing to retirement accounts, there are many more rules and strategy when retiring and planning to withdraw from them. Let’s review them to help you maximize your investments and minimize your taxes.

After This Session, You Will Know:
-Principles of successful long-term investing
-IRA planning strategies
-Pros and cons of various roll over options
-Common required minimum distribution mistakes
-Differences between indirect and direct rollovers
-Important considerations in coordinating your IRA planning with your overall retirement, estate, tax, education, Social Security and financial plans
-Various options for spousal IRA beneficiaries