From Tax Return to Financial Plan

You can get a real boost toward putting together a financial independence roadmap when going from tax return to financial plan. The tax return is a great place to start gathering the financial information needed. You will have the return, investment statements, debt statements and more handy. This will help save time, reduce frustration and avoid procrastination. With most people spending more time planning their vacations each year than they do on financial planning, jumping in just after completing your tax return could be ideal. So, if you are ready to embark on a plan that gives you peace of mind, don’t file [...]

College Planning Tips and Tools

With so much to consider, college planning tips and tools are critical. What is the right high school resume to produce a transcript attractive to colleges of interest? How do I pay for college? If financial assistance is available to me, how do I attain it? How can I avoid mistakes in the process and take advantage of opportunities in preparation for a sustainable career with great prospects? After This Session, You Will Know How To: Move forward with specific steps to put you in the right path in college planning Avoid common, costly mistakes in the college planning process Learn what is [...]

Investing and IRA Planning for Boomers

When nearing retirement, investing and IRA planning for boomers is key. At that transitional time, the investment strategy should be revisited to be sure you the important aspects of investing and IRA planning are understood. It's time to look at the various types of assets owned, whether they are invested appropriately for retirement and how and when to turn them into income streams to live on in retirement. While there were some rules to know when contributing to retirement accounts, there are many more rules and strategy when retiring and planning to withdraw from them. Let’s review them to help you maximize your [...]

Financial Wellness Strategies by Stage

While the best time to put a financial life plan in place was twenty years ago, the second best time is today. Outside of winning the lottery or receiving a lofty inheritance, most people don’t just wake up one day with a healthy nest egg. It happens over time. It comes with doing the right things – at the right time. Since challenges and opportunities can vary greatly based on stage of life, let’s identify specific behaviors and actions to be taken now, and going forward, to be on (or get back on) a solid path to building or maintaining financial independence. After [...]

Managing Retirement Healthcare Costs

There is a lot to know when it comes to managing healthcare costs in retirement. Find out what you need to do to obtain the coverage you need and protect against rising costs. Starting with an overview of Medicare and ending with a discussion of long-term care. This discussion will open your eyes to the way healthcare works in retirement and what you need to make now to prepare. This workshop is geared to those over age 60, even if you are already on Medicare. After This Session, You Will Know: -How Medicare enrollment periods work – and what you need to do [...]

Favorite End of Year Planning Strategies

Let’s focus on favorite end of year planning strategies. Those high-value, high-relevancy tips that keep more money in your pocket. Many have heard that tax advisors are planners before the end of year and become historians at the beginning of the new one. So, what are those key things we need to do before yearend when many become unavailable with the ringing in of the new year?  After all, no one wants to pay a cent more than they legally owe in taxes. After This Session, You Will Know How To: Identify key opportunities for potential tax savings that could relate to you [...]

Maximizing Your Business Value

You work hard on building your business everyday – growing revenues, watching the bottom line, making sure you have the right people in the right seats and more. Some things you do to accomplish one of these goals, or others, can impact your ultimate sale price in ways that often surprise business owners. The sooner that you understand what makes your business attractive to buyers, the sooner and more you can prepare. It is never too early to understand these key factors, because you cannot know when an interested party may come your way. At that point, you will be glad you were [...]

Your Nest Egg and Spending Plan

Whether you are in accumulation mode trying to build up your nest egg or decumulation mode trying to sustain it, a spending plan can be an invaluable tool. So many people report not knowing where there money goes at the end of a given year. Whether it is through leakage, impulse spending or prioritizing the wrong goals, there are many ways we can allow our most important goals to be at risk. After This Session, You Will Know How To: Understand why people put effort and time into keeping up with spending plans Identify and better understand alternative ways of budgeting Select the [...]

Strategic Social Security Planning

After hearing about Social Security solvency concerns for years, Strategic Social Security Planning is top of mind as it gets closer to your time to claim. You want your fair share of Social Security benefits without leaving money on the table. With Social Security making up about 40% of the average person's retirement income, it is often the first place people begin retirement income planning. Strategic Social Security Planning can be more complicated than you may realize. This can be especially true when coordinating different types of benefits (retirement, spousal, and survivor) to maximize your cumulative lifetime income. Decisions you make now can [...]

Women Taking the Reins

You likely see women taking the reins more and more today. In fact, ninety five percent of women will be financial decision-making in their household at some point in their lives. Of course, this is often the case if she has always been single or the breadwinner in a couple. In other cases, such as the death of spouse or divorce, she often finds herself thrust in this role unexpectedly. However, unfortunately, women often report feeling unprepared for the primary financial decision-making role for some common, frequently cited reasons. Will she have enough and be ready when the time comes? What does she [...]